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39 Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self

I cannot believe this is my last year in my 30's! As I sat back and reflected on the past year, I began to think... What if I had known then, what I know now? I wouldn't change much, but here are a few things that I would have loved for my younger self to have known.

Dear younger me,

  1. The boy you’ve been dating- you’re going to marry that man and it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

  2. He will be your biggest cheerleader. He will support you and all of your crazy ideas.

  3. He will weather some pretty heavy storms with you and never leave your side.

  4. He will become a godly man, leading your family in love while seeking His purpose and His kingdom.

  5. Stop worrying! It doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead, PRAY.

  6. Pray without ceasing.

  7. Many incredible things will happen along with some huge challenges. You will cling to your faith knowing His plan is better than yours.

  8. You will find some true blue friendships. The kind of friendships some people never have the pleasure of knowing.

  9. Invest in these friendships. These are your people. This is your tribe.

  10. You will have a successful career that you love. You truly found your calling.

  11. When your career is cut short, you will learn that God has a bigger and better plan for you.

  12. You will face many hardships, including infertility. But it will be well worth the wait.

  13. You and Nick will be blessed with twin boys who will keep you on your toes!

  14. Being a mom will be both challenging and rewarding, and will be your biggest and greatest responsibility. One that you will never take lightly.

  15. Your sons will never go a day without hearing “I love you” at least a dozen times. And even better, they will say the same to you - multiple times a day.

  16. You will move to the suburbs to raise your family. Something you thought you’d never do! And you will love it more than you ever thought you would.

  17. Follow your dreams. Even if they scare you.

  18. Fear will trickle in and when it does, your faith will be strong enough to recognize that it is the devil trying to sneak in. The devil will lose every time.

  19. Your faith will grow through the multiple challenges life throws your way.

  20. After 15 years as a labor and delivery nurse, you will “retire” at an early age, but it will always be your passion.

  21. You will recognize the difference you made in your nursing career and you will hold it close to your heart.

  22. You will find joy in the smallest things. Because the smallest things can be the biggest things.

  23. You will learn to be your authentic self - not who you think people want you to be.

  24. You will prioritize health and fitness. This will serve you well when your health throws you a curve ball.

  25. You will love your people and you will never miss an opportunity to tell them so much.

  26. You will shed many, many, MANY tears. And you will learn that it’s ok to cry.

  27. You will live each day to it’s fullest. You never know when it will be your last.

  28. Your baby book for the boys will be an Instagram account where you post a daily picture. Something you cherish and love to reflect on.

  29. Always take the picture. You’ll never regret capturing the memory.

  30. At the same time, stay present in the moment. Life is too short.

  31. You will be so grateful for your parents and your upbringing. Especially now that you’re a parent. You will recognize their sacrifices and gain a different respect and admiration for them. Their love for you is unconditional. Just as your love for your boys is unconditional. Thank you mom and papa. I love you so much.

  32. There will be people you come across that won’t be kind. Be kind to them anyway. We are all fighting our own battles.

  33. You will make mistakes. You will own them, learn from them, and move on.

  34. People will let you down and you will love them anyway.

  35. Create everlasting memories. Live in the moment.

  36. Laugh. A lot. Until you tinkle a little. Because life is meant to be full of love and laughter.

  37. At the age of 37, you’ll be handed your greatest challenge thus far- cancer. You will share your journey in hope of helping others.

  38. You will start a non profit that you hope and pray will someday be as big as Susan B. Komen, called Ten for Ten Million. Your goal will be to bring awareness, education and funding to lung cancer.

  39. You will be grateful for each and every trip around the sun. Each one is a true gift from above. Here is to the next 365 days! May I continue to live each day to the fullest, growing closer to Him, and creating everlasting memories. Cheers to 39 years!!!

May you feel God’s love today and always, Tiffany

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