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Clean Freak

Having a clean house has always been tremendously important to me. I grew up in a military family where things have always been super neat and tidy. I am so thankful for this as it has served me well in adulthood. Because I am this way, when people pop in to say "hi" I am never scrambling to clean up! Although there are usually a few things to pick up because #kids.

I have always maintained a clean home and have had help with deep cleaning for a while. When quarentine hit and our houskeeper was unavailable, I came up with a system that I am going to share with you today! This system allows me to not dedicate 4-5 hours cleaning on the weekend and only takes a few minutes daily to attain!!!

Monday: Bathrooms (this is the longest day because we have 4 bathrooms)

  1. Wipe down the counters

  2. Clean mirrors

  3. Clean toilets

  4. Clean showers/tubs

  5. Sweep and Mop

  6. Wash rugs ( I do this every other week)

Tuesday: Living Room/Media Room/ Play Room

  1. Pick up any toys that are out ( I make my kiddos do this!)

  2. Dust

  3. Wipe down window sills and blinds

  4. Clean under tables/couches

  5. Wipe down baseboards

  6. Vacuum

Wednesday: Kitchen

  1. Wipe down fridge (inside and out)

  2. Wipe cabinets and countertops

  3. Clean microwave and stovetop

  4. Clean coffee pot ( I run vinegar through mine once a month)

  5. Wipe down appliances

  6. Wipe down baseboards

  7. Sweep/Mop kitchen and foyer ( I sweep every day and mop every 2-3 days

Thursday: Bedrooms

  1. Dust nightstands, dressers, blinds

  2. Wipe down baseboards

  3. Vacuum

Friday: Laundry and Dining Room

  1. Dust table and bar cart

  2. Dust artificial tree

  3. Wipe down washer and dryer

  4. Wipe down counter and sink

  5. Vacuum and Mop

Saturday: NOTHING

Sunday: Miscillaneous

  1. Wash bedding /sheets

  2. Empty all trash cans in the house (our trash is on Mondays and Thursdays)

  3. Clean out the fridge of all expired foods

Daily Tasks:

  1. Load/unload dishwasher

  2. Wipe down kitchen counters

  3. Spot sweep/vacuum

  4. Do one load of laundry per day (wash/dry/fold/put away)

  5. Make beds

  6. Pick up clutter and put it where it belongs- I do this every evening before bed. I pick up any toys the boys have brought downstairs and anything Nick and I have left out.

I hope this inspires you to make a schedule that works for your home and your family. If you use this, let me know. And if you have any ideas for me, drop them below! I love to have a clean home and I love to utilize my time wisely!

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