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Infusion Complete!

Thursday's treatment du jore was an IV infusion of a beautiful drug known as Zomeda. Apparently it will give me super human bone strength.

Although there was an hour and a half delay in getting started, overall it wasn't too bad.

I read some of my book and repeated some scriptures during the 15 minute infusion.

I prayed.

I was given some additional fluids to mitigate the many side effects (more than I care to think about...), then my IV was removed and I was on my way!!!

On our way home, we received a phone call about my PET scan. Praise God, they didn't find any additional "hot spots" or potential other spots the cancer has spread. It is still in the lungs, spine, pelvis and my right femur. We are so thankful that it hasn't made it's way anywhere else and pray that during our time of waiting, it doesn't travel further.

Nick and I made it home where I was greeted by a beautifully decorated front yard courtesy of my fellow Pilates instructors. The gesture brought me to tears... Thank you. It was such an amazing surprise to come home to. I am so thankful for so much love surrounding me.

I'm completely overwhelmed by the love and support my family has been shown. I truly cannot thank you each enough.

This weekend I plan on embracig each sweet moment with my loved ones and living life to it's fullest. There is not one moment I want to take for granted. Love you guys.

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