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PET scan complete!

It wasn’t what I expected.

I knew I would be radioactive ☢️

I knew I would have contrast

I knew it would take a few hours.

I didn’t know I would have to stay quiet in a room for 45-60 min in my own thoughts.

No phone.

No book.


Nothing but my own thoughts.

Once again I saw God’s hand in it all.

Initially, I had my phone out. I thought I could catch up on some texts. Plus we had just found out our neighbors + good friends were about to have their baby!!! 👶🏼 (congrats Krista and Johnny!!)

Then Mark, my tech, informed me that I could not have my phone. Not the end of the world, but I was bummed.

So I pulled out my book and my Bible and read some passages.

When Mark came back in to start my IV, he asked what I did for a living. Turns out he used to be a L&D tech! 💕

We bonded over that while he injected some radioactive goo into my veins through my IV. And then he stalled and bought me some time with my Bible.

After he told me I needed to relax, I found my thoughts wondering to a bad place.

So I turned to Jesus.

I sang worship songs in my head and repeated scripture to myself.

The procedure itself wasn’t terrible.

I laid on a bed with my arms over my head while my body ran through the machine, stopping a few minutes at a time before moving again.

I was given contrast (which gives your whole body a strange warming sensation (similar to being on Mag if you’ve ever experienced that)

20 minutes later, I was done and on my way to dinner with the hubs!

Tomorrow is my Zomeda infusion to strengthen my bones and then we are headed home to see our sweet babies.

This will be a long weekend of waiting for results from the molecular testing. We are praying hard they get the results they want to see. If not, it’s back to Houston for another biopsy and more waiting. The waiting is the hardest part right now. I just to start ATTACKING this cancer. I’m ready to play some offense!!

I want to thank everyone again for the love/support/prayers. EVERYTHING. We are truly humbled. I love you all.

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