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Pizza! Pizza!!!

Happy National Pizza Day!!!

If I am being honest, pizza is one of my favorite foods. With that said, truth be told, I am a little bit of a pizza snob. As embarrassing as that is to admit, it is true.

Let's be real though - Pizza Hut and Dominoes will do in a pinch, but gourmet pizza is just SO much better!!!

When I first got sick, I really struggled with eating. Even today, some days are better than others. I struggled because nothing sounded good and nothing tasted that great either. The only foods that struck my fancy were breakfast foods and pizza. To say my little fam bam has had their fair share of pizza lately would be an understatement.

One of my favorite pizzas comes from a local chain restaurant called Fireside Pies. Not only is their pizza AMAZING, but they have a cheese salad that we cannot get enough of. I am a huge fan of thin crust pizza (New York style all the way over here!) and Fireside Pies has it nailed. There has not been a pizza we have tried that I have not enjoyed, with my favorite being the Balsamic Chicken. Trust me, it is divine.

My second favorite pizza is at Sixty Vines. While they are known for their kegged wines, I love them for their hummus and, you guessed it, pizza! Plus, you know I am always up for wine! The fig and prosciutto pizza is where it is at!!! In fact, it is the spot in Houston Nick and I frequent the most. It always hits the spot!

So in honor of National Pizza Day, You can guess what we are having for dinner!!! Do you love pizza? If so, gourmet or chain! Let me know! Happy eating!!!

A few pics from our Sixty Vines experiences!

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