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Organizing Fool

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Does the New Year stir up your need to organize? I know it does for me and January had me organizing ALL - THE - THINGS!

It started out innocent enough. I wanted to reorganize my pantry. To be honest, I organized things a while back, but if you have kids (or a husband 😊), then you know how quickly things can go awry. It was beginning to feel really cluttered and my need to purge things got real, FAST.

One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, I had moved EVERYTHING. Our liquor used to reside on the top shelf of the pantry and it now has its own home in a cabinet above the oven. All of our serving platters were in several different cabinets and now they occupy the cabinet above the microwave. Our most used appliances now live in the pantry. And the best part, I just ordered this contemporary sideboard for our dining room where we plan on placing the china from our wedding as well as our Christmas china.

Once I sorted all of that out, I had to organize the medicine cabinet. This was incredibly therapeutic. It is amazing how many medications were living in there that were expired. It was embarrassing! In order to safely dispose of the expired medications, I took a used water bottle, put about ¼ cup of dawn dish soap and ¼ cup of water in it. Anything expired went into this concoction to dissolve and then it was disposed of in the trash. Also, I made sure to scratch off our names on all prescription medication bottles.

Next up was the wine glass/ hodge podge cabinet. Boy was that a HOT MESS!!! We are so blessed to have so many nice things and it was, dare I say, enjoyable, cleaning it out. Certain glasses were attatched to memories and my mind began to wonder to those times. Especially when going through the koozies. It brought back reminders from our college days along with memories from many weddings we have had the honor of attending.

The kitchen is complete and if you have watched my Instagram stories, you saw my closet overhaul. That was an ALL day extravaganza!!! One day, I would love to have a company come in and make it more "user friendly" but for now, it works! And if I were any kind of blogger, I would have taken "before" and "after" pictures, but I didn't! Oops! Lesson learned. I will try to be better about that as there are SEVERAL more projects I want to get to around the house ( sorry Nick! )

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